Simple Halloween Look & Big Hello!

Hello beautiful people! It’s almost Halloween!

It has been a while since I posted; I’m having major issues with publishing blog posts and managing the mail app so I apologise! I’m still trying to work my new format (turns out building a website from scratch with no training or knowledge is very difficult!) so I’m still working on epic blog post delivery! Consider this my first ‘hello’ in a long time and the beginning of potentially fixing it! I’ve realised I haven’t posted much makeup either so thought I’d share a cheeky look I had worked on for BH Cosmetics #flauntyourhaunt!

I used lots of NYX Cosmetics Vivid Bright liners in Crimson, White, and Vinyl Black! These liners are magic and work really well on lashes for extra brightness and dramatic colour!

It’s a quick Halloween wing you could rock and be flying glam or make it gory as you like! I’m currently digging modernist illustration comics, I’ve been looking at a lot of Tony Viramontes lately – the use of shadow and artificial light,  illustrated with strong, stylized, almost cartoon like, asymmetrical lines is my current jam, so I made this to look that way!

Would you wear this? Do you have plans for Halloween? If you’re not already,  follow me on Instagram @theshineyapproach and let me know what your spooky plans are! I’d love to hear them! But for now,  take care x

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