A quick catch up and 2017 summary

What a whirlwind 2 months it has been for me here at The Shiney Approach!

I’ve been MIA due to some serious and not so serious life changes over the past two months; I’ve had extensive time off work and felt I’ve done nothing with it, my dreams of adding to this blog or writing the next big novel of the century fell short too! Basically, I’ve done nothing albeit accomplished a goal of 450 followers on  Instagram. What can I say, I dream big!

I’ve had to have a vertical gastric sleeve due to extensive back issues – after losing 42kg independently, and my weight loss slowing down, it was recommended I take the surgical route to hopefully delay major back surgery which I will need in the future, it is just a matter of when. Unfortunately, I am one of the most unlucky people in the universe and no amount of #goodvibes would save me from a complication which has severally delayed my healing time and process – it has equalled an extra three weeks off work which, while thankful for, it isn’t something I had wanted for these reasons.

Now I am quite healed, although still marginally unwell, I am feelingmore motivated! For a while there getting out of bed was hard, and putting makeup on was harder. Even my skin care regime fell to the gutter and it was my friends who pointed out I was still rocking yesterday’s eyeliner as today’s smokey eye that maybe, something was amiss.

I had lost all motivation. I didn’t want to try. I was beaten down too by some negative comments on Instagram, constant bots adding and removing me, and just a general creative block. Even in my writing – I was stumped. I couldn’t plan, think, or move forward in my head. My plans to study next year are there, but I don’t even know what! I’m torn between my love of research and disease, and my desires to live holistically and wholeheartedly, I’m trying to juggle the two and on top of this existential crisis, I’ve had to face many more the past few months including questioning my relationships with others, my relationship with my self, my flaws and faults, and more importantly how adverse I can be to change them.

So here we are, at the end of 2017 – the year that almost beat me down. Almost. In 2015, my husband lost his job, we were destitute and often calling in sick to work because we could not afford fuel to drive there, we also struggled as a team and moved home – it didn’t help. In 2016 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, while thankfully not cancerous, it is still there and had several health repercussions that we are still fixing and facing. So we call 2017, we can ‘worse than the tumour year’, which can only give you an indication of how bad of a year it must have been, for us to deem it worse than that time one of us got diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Anyway, enough about me and my sad year – the point is, we are both feeling positive about 2018. We felt 2017 would suck, and it did, hard. But 2018 feels good. My plans include numerous projects, a new take on my blog, a more honest approach to how I live and more than just makeup, and skincare – imperfect living, trying to live sustainable in an unsustainable world, slow fashion, environmentally conscious, more of my feng shui practises, more makeup, and more realistic reviews – oh, and more blog posts about the eclectic self that is me and my multi-layered lifestyle! I plan to hustle on, hustle hard, and just be me.

Hope you all have big plans for 2018, may the sun shine on you and everything in between!

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