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Niacinamide: Instatrend or skin’s best friend?

Thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about one of my favourite skin care buddies: Niacinamide!

Niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, and is said to be one of those “holy grail skin care products!” as it is a very effective skin restoring agent that can reduce large pores, uneven skin tone,  dullness, and more importantly strengthen weak skin cells.
No matter if you have visible pores from excessive sebum, or if your dry skin has stretched them out, Niacinamide has a great way of telling the skin to behave, by sitting between enlarged pores and knitting them back together by boosting collagen production and reduce cell layer friction in the epidermis protecting your skins most outer layer! I’ve talked before about what and how skin works, and it is no secret that optimal skin care is crucial for a healthy, happy body! Niacinamide, or B3 is one of those magic formulas your skin loves for several reasons.

Its goal is to boost collagen and skin cell hydration, by boosting your skins collagen, you improve the overall lipid barrier, which in turn retains moisture, and protects your skin from microbial toxins, over time reducing water and elasticity loss. This improvement has a double effect – the more moisture your skin can hold, the more collagen it can create to firm the previously weakened cells, plumping them up to reduce hyper-pigmentation and uneven textures. Plus, the more moisture the skin can hold,  the less oil it needs to produce! Everyone is a winner on B3!

Topical B3 can assist your skin’s immune system, usually made up of little guys called Langerhans cells, which we know to be quite fragile and often the first to run away during excessive exposure to sun or other epidermal toxins; B3 basically gives these Langerhans cells a helping hand – a little extra courage – and helps to build your skin’s natural immunity against potential harmful radicals. Langerhans cells also exist in the respiratory, gastrointestinal systems, and other parts of the endocrine system and are all vital to a healthy immune system. Adding topical B3 won’t help the rest of your vital organs but it will give you a bouncy and fresh looking face! 
You can totally eat your B3 as well! It is another vitamin found is food sources that adds to your free radical count and boost your immune system too; if you want to add some B3 to your diet, you can do so by eating turkey, legumes (like lentils and chickpeas),  tuna, and leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and lettuce! It is so readily available in many foods, it is rare to find someone who is low in B3 and supplements are rarely, if ever needed, but remember, a healthy inside is an even better way to love your outside! By incorporating more foods filled with goodness you can eat your way to an even more beautiful skin! 


There is a reason so many beauty-gurus swear by Niacinamide as an anti-ageing,  skin replenishing and texture ironing serum! I personally love the Niacinamide available from The Ordinary, it has added 1% Zinc which helps smooth out skin texture, and leaves a tacky surface feel – making it perfect to put on before makeup applications for smoother, more long lasting makeup! For extra hydrating goodness, it works even better on top of hydrating primers or hyaluronic moisturisers by reducing skin surface friction and giving you a smooth canvas!

Be wary though, Niacinamide is not a moisturising agent in itself and cannot do the job of a moisturiser – it is best used before applying skin-type specific moisturisers to ensure optimum results and skin hydration. Another tip to consider is adding it to just your night time routine if you are someone slack with sunscreen protection – because the B3 serum works by kicking the Langerhans cells back into shape to re-firm and keep cells tighter, it often doesn’t leave enough men at the post distracting your skin protectors and increases the risk of sunburn and sensitivity – so be sure to apply sunscreen or SPF high makeup if venturing into a sunny place!

So there you have it – a brief run down of my current favourite twice daily, skin hugging serum Niacinamide! Definitely a title winner for skin’s best friend!
But tell me: what do you think? Do you use this already? Or is it something you may consider? Let me know in the comments below!

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