Chubby Mermaid Brush review – Instatrend or next big thing?

Sometimes hype happens. Sometimes, a product can accidentally snowball out of control reaching incredible heights – this is what happened, to Mermaid Salon. A little, but extremely cute, hairdressing salon in Brisbane that turned their attention to beauty and produced the cutest brushes ever to grace our online shopping carts. After exploding overnight, with features in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Allure Beauty, makeup addicts and beauty-gurus alike were dying to get their hands, on the Mermaid Chubby Brush.

2017-03-29 16.09.29

The suspense was palpable in my house the few weeks waiting for my order. I’ve seen fellow beauty bloggers from around the country – some in 5km distance to my house – posting their pictures, loving their brushes and I was itching to know when mine was coming. Every day for two weeks I had checked the mail box twice daily. Finally, the doorbell rang to alert me of the postman, and I ran with an athleticism I did not know I possessed! It was here! I was, totally and utterly, excited.


Daydreaming of Mermaid Goodness

The packaging is an instant wow and creates the illusion of a specialized service from a dedicated beauty line, giving you that enormous satisfaction you get opening Too Faced, ColorPop or Mecca packages!

2017-03-29 15.05.37

The gold glitter sealed bag containing the goodies add to the whimsical mermaid feel, the beautiful matte black boxes with embossed gold writing had me at first glance, and the cut gremlin sticker and typographic card really show the unique stand out style Mermaid Salon possesses.

2017-03-29 16.09.01

2017-03-29 16.09.29

The brush –  THE BRUSH – is a visual delight. It is gorgeous, compact, and prettier than it is in pictures. It is a hard, polymer plastic, coated with a rose-gold colouring. It does easily get marked with finger prints but nothing a good clean up wouldn’t fix!

2017-03-29 16.11.23

Oh how adorably cute this little guy is! The accurate, and cutely named ‘chubby hold brush’ makes it comfortable to hold to really blend out that chiselled contour look. The bristles are soft, tightly packed and concave, giving straight harsh lines all tapered in with subtly rounded, triangular edges. This allows for a perfecting blending opportunity and a nice way to smooth out lines.  But, this is not an easy going brush by any means. The strange round triangular shape makes thicker, harsh lines that then requires a LOT of blending –  and I mean A LOT.  The winning formula of tightly packed bristles is also the downfall, creating a hard, blunt line, this in turn required a lot of blending but the unique shape of the brush creates that harsh, and natural looking line that looks AMAZING once complete despite the 20 minutes it took to take the lines out. 


The coolest brush design and rose gold is totally in

Super comfortable and easy to hold, perfect for carving up wicked slay games

Works really well with creams


Brush handle smudges super easily (not really a con but I needed three for aesthetics)

Can create really harsh lines if you aren’t careful

Requires a lot of work, doesn’t blend powders easily without ripping your skin off….


This is a picture I took after using the brush three different ways on a powder contour (Sweet Tea, inside the Grave3yardgirl X Tarte Swamp Queen palette). The top swatch, is swiping the brush with the powder and blending with the larger part of the brush (with the side, at a 45 degree angle), the middle is using the powder with the point or ‘tip’ of the brush (see how opaque that is?!), and the third, is using the point or ‘tip’ of the brush at 180 degrees from the arm and blending out. While this method did give the best results, it was a very big buff job and wasn’t kind on my sensitive skin, which felt 10x worse on my face and isn’t something I would want to do regularly to my face.

Moving on….




I initially reviewed this product some solid 7 months ago and while I tried to adopt it into my beauty routine it just always fell short; it did become an amazing staple foundation brush for the longest of time – it’s density making it the PERFECT face brush but blending cream and wax foundations effortlessly, however this romance was short lived after I invested in my MAC  170. To this day, I still don’t reach for it as much as I probably could. As far as contouring goes, personally, I like my imitation NARS flat contour brush better for powders than the original chubby mermaid.
I am a little torn though; as someone who is a package-junkie, lover of all things shiny and gold, and it is so HELLA CUTE! I feel like it is definitely a staple piece I think every make up addict would want on their vanity. So if you collect brushes, are a lover of all things shiny and mermaids – then YOU NEED THIS BRUSH.
But does a pro makeup artist need it? I would say no, not so much.

Again one of it’s best features is that it is a GREAT FOUNDATION BRUSH – if you wear liquid foundations, you will love it! The dense, soft, synthetic bristles leave for a gorgeous texture, and buffed in, minimise pores, and creates a flawless finish 10/10 on the brush. You can bet your last buck I’ll be buying more of these gorgeous brushes to keep on my vanity!

2017-03-29 16.09.29

It IS super pretty after all!


Hats off to Mermaid Salon for grabbing a idea and running with it – their Instagram is wicked and highly recommend you check them out! This brush is very cute and while I am yet to see if the imitation brushes on eBay are any better or the same, but this is a stand out, stylish, cute product perfect for any makeup junkie or anyone wanting a little more glam in their makeup life! 

Tell me – did you jump on the hype train and snatch one of these babies up? What did you think? Pass or YAAAS!?

Until next time babes, stay shiny!

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