Welcome to The Shiney Approach!

Wow what a ride!

Thank you for those joining me here at The Shiney Approach for the first, or fiftieth time! You’re all so welcome!

For those who have followed me from ‘justashine’ I appreciate your presence greatly; for those that are new, strap yourselves in!

Typically I have focused on working on makeup artistry, beauty products and reviews, but more so, incorporating scientific attributes like  how chemical compounds work, why silicone work this way, and if primer is really needed etc. Well, The Shiney Approach saw me shift some of my other attention to other attributes in my life: my study of feng shui, universal energy, lifestyle, and health. I am all about good and bad vibes, and how the threads of both exist in daily living -which is something I try and adhere to in my daily life. I’m also about to embark on one of my biggest weight loss journeys of my life; so that is something I plan to share.

Please consider this a platform for love, living, and positivity, with an added touch of glitter and glam!


I will also be intended to host a super rad giveaway for new and old subscribers and those on my Instagram!
Which I cannot WAIT for! So please hop in, take a seat, relax – and let us get to know each other a little better.

Until next time;

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